Kayla’s Story

Living life isn’t supposed to be linear.  But letting it continue with no correction at all is not ok!  A lot of my clients and friends are mothers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. They constantly allow more time for others and their businesses than for themselves.  They think that because they run a ranch and are good at doctoring calves, they can’t be feminine.  They think they can’t learn to shoot guns or go hunting because they are super girly and love makeup. I am here to tell you whichever part of this contrarian thought process applies to you, stop it right now.  You can do whatever the hell you want.  These things are not mutually exclusive.  BE BOTH.

Doing whatever the hell you want opens so many exciting doors. It gives you the courage to try new things.  It gives you the confidence to trust yourself.  I bought my first camera four years ago and never once thought I would turn it into a business.  I just knew I needed to try something artistic and for myself.  I know in my soul that art is healing and beautiful.  Helping women see how freaking awesome they are, is important.

I am married to the best guy around.  He supports everything I do and finds ways to keep me grounded when my mind spirals with ideas.  We’ve been together since 2010, and I love doing life with him!   We have a daughter in college who is beyond creative herself.  I can’t wait to see what she does with that talent.  We live in Wilton, CA (a rural part of Sacramento County) with my two horses, our two dogs, our two goats, and our three barn cats.  I hope to add more to that one day, but that’s all I can manage for now!